An Open Letter to Polly: Revisiting the 'Issue' of 'Gay' Climbing

An Open Letter to Polly: Revisiting the 'Issue' of 'Gay' Climbing

Post by Marc Whitn » Wed, 04 Nov 1992 11:50:05

Eugene, et. al.,

The concerns discussed somewhat mystify me.  Who cares?  Can a
climbing partner belay / lead safely is the issue!  Who or what they
sleep with and what they do with that person / thing is irrelavant.

Yes I know there are lots of "bivy" jokes.  I've been so exhausted
by the time I reach any bivy I've ever had that any activity
requiring conciousness is out of the question.  And what about
apline bivys?  Mine have usually been so cold there was no way even
Michelle Pfieffer could get me out of my 3+ layers of polypro!  (By
the way after a couple of days of living in the same polypro I smell
so bad that I can't even stand myself let alone the person on the
other side of the tent.  This is a complete turn off no matter how
cute they are.)

In short, I've never found climbing to have much to do with sex in
any form.  There have been a number or partners over the years whose
orientation I can't even guess at.  (I think I've always been able
to get the gender right but even that didn't seem too important.)