Dallas climb. info/advice needed +partner

Dallas climb. info/advice needed +partner

Post by Cary Czich » Sat, 20 Mar 1993 05:54:36


>Also, any info on a climbing gym would be appreciated.

The address for the local climbing gym is as follows.

        Exposure Indoor Rock Climbing Gym
        5538 Dyer #101 (at Prentice)
        1 block north of Yale & 1 block east of Central Expressway
        Ph#: (214) 361-2777

I've been there.  It's small but nice.  A lot of the local climbers hang out
there.  TI's Texins Association also has a climbing wall at the back of their
Floyd Road gymnasium.  It's not open to the public though.  Guests must be
accompanied by a club member.

The favorite outdoor climbing areas are as follows.

        Lake Mineral Wells State Park
        (1 1/2 hours from Dallas, due west of Fort Worth)

        Enchanted Rock State Park
        (4 1/2 hours from Dallas, due west of Austin)

        Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge
        (4 hours from Dallas, due north of Lawton, OK)

Cary Czichon