Long Island Mountaineering (was Bouldeing/Climbing on Long Island)

Long Island Mountaineering (was Bouldeing/Climbing on Long Island)

Post by Bill » Sat, 24 Aug 1996 04:00:00

I grew up in the shadow of that famous mecca of east coast mountaineering, the Oceanside
Mountains.  In addition to being the highest point on Long Island, they also featured some
big game (huge rats and sea gulls).  

Of course, the garbage has all been plowed under so the chance of disease or  possible
injury slipping on some slime and landing on a jagged edge are much lower.  But the sewage
plant gases could still give you a variation on pulminary edema (if you use your

But there's some wicked exposure on those steep grass covered slopes now and if they ever
got any real snow down there, you might get avalanched off into the near by canal.

Good luck with the expedition

- Bill

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