Grand Ledge Work Party - 11 April 1998

Grand Ledge Work Party - 11 April 1998

Post by Aaron Ell » Wed, 25 Mar 1998 04:00:00

Oak Park Spring Work Party
Saturday, 11 April 1998
8:00 a.m. to ???

Attending the annual Oak Park Work Party is your best opportunity to
ensure the future of rock climbing in Grand Ledge.  With the steady
increase of climbers comes the need to give back a little T.L.C. to Oak
Park.  Whether you have climbed here once or are a regular visitor,
please come and lend a hand.  We need your help to keep Oak Park green
and open to climbing.

Our long term goal is to preserve Oak Park as a natural area and as a
multi-use recreational park.  The Ledges are a spectacular geological
formation, and the only outdoor site in Michigan's lower peninsula for
rock climbing.  Because this site is unique, it is our responsibility to
preserve the park and it's climbing history.

Climbers and residents of Grand Ledge will gather to plant trees, ground
cover and shrubs, repair and complete the existing trail system,
continue erosion control projects, and general park maintenance.  We
need your labor, tools, and support.  The Work Party can only be a
success with your help.

Thank you,
Friends of the Ledges

MATERIALS NEEDED:  Posts, iron re-rod, wooden stakes, nails, rolls of
twine and string, heavy duty garbage bags, 4x4 lengths cedar, seedlings,
grass seed and straw.

TOOLS TO BRING:  Wheel barrows, buckets and pails, shovels, post hole
diggers, garden hand tools, rakes, drills, hoes, axes, hammers, hand
saws, old ropes and tarps.

* For more information call Mike Hood at (517) 336-0520 or Aaron Ells at
(517) 622-1188