HELP : Need Info on Climbing Straps

HELP : Need Info on Climbing Straps

Post by e46br.. » Wed, 29 Dec 1993 11:32:56


I  hope someone here could help with this project.  Myself and others are working on a project that need straps such as the tubular webbing or typical backpack
flat type straps you people use.  However I need some greater info than just
tensile strength.  In particular for a particular strap:

        Ultimate Strength
        Elongation OR Elastic Modulus
        Size of Strap (or tubing) know: width, thickness
        Price :) (the most important...just kidding)

or who might i contact to find such information.  So far I've called
        A16 (on the west coast)
        Liberty Organization/Advanced Base Camp (Wilsonville, Oregon)

with no real success!!!!
Please email any reponse to:
Geoffrey Brown