Tr's...Rest of the 99's

Tr's...Rest of the 99's

Post by Michael A. Riche » Tue, 08 Jan 2002 08:16:13

Here is 61 more for the year of 99'. These are all Merkin (or at least the
ones posted solely the the Merkin group...exception is the Kateness TR that
Mick forwarded...)

Year 200 coming...

That RatDhuuude...

> (2pg) TR: ABC in Cochise Stronghold  (Robert K. Hanson)
> A Christmas Offering from Dingus... Long.  (Dingus Milktoast)
> Bridalveil East Aqua Variation (III 5.8)  (Undercling)
> Conness W. Ridge TR  (JKVawter)
> Demons...(TR...long)  (Michael A. Riches)
> First Sunday With Steven And Dawn Event  (Mark Heyman)
> fun day at the crags. (long)  (Sean Parker)
> Gear Review (sorta)& Beacon Rock TR  (Robert Williams)
> My Life as a Climbing***(Long and Whiny)  (Kyri Freeman)
> Rain Men: retro TR  (JKVawter)
> RAINIER (The Short Version)  (Michael A. Riches)
> Rambling TR: Arizona and Vegas  (John Peterson)
> Recollections of a 1994 ascent of the Steck Salathe  (Inez Drixelius)
> Steck/Salathe retro TR  (Avajane)
> Tahquitz: The Step  (JKVawter)
> TEN DAYS AFTER - TR (long)  (Rex Pieper)
> The (almost) Vertical Mile  (Med Dyer)
> The Gunks Sanction, or, Into Obese Air  (Steven Cherry)
> Thin Red Line-Frame by Frame  (Keith Jewell)
> TR (long) Lagavulin Direct   (Sue Hopkins)
> TR (retro, long):  Mt. Langley (14,043'), Sierra Nevada  (Tom Kenney)
> TR (Short): East Buttress of Middle Catherdral  (Bob Austin)
> TR - Cathedral Peak by Moonlight  (Madeleine Schultz)
> TR - Looking for Witches on Halloween  (Ken Leiden)
> TR -- Windhorse  (brutus_of_wyde)
> TR Eagle Hollow, VT (first lead-fall)  (Steve Prouty)
> TR RMNP Chiefshead  (Ross)
> TR RMNP Powell  (Ross)
> TR South Ridge of Ritter  (Ben Craft)
> TR Static Point (by newbie)  (Doug Wyman)
> TR:  lots of firsts  (Dawn Alguard)
> TR:  North Peak, right couloir, plug for SMG  (Tom Kenney)
> TR:  Sunday with Steven  (Dawn Alguard)
> TR: (Sorta) Josh Halloween party havoc  (Robert Fonda)
> TR: 5th Time's a Charm?  (Dingus Milktoast)
> TR- Bad Bouldering  (Dylan Ransom)
> TR: Boulder Trifecta!  (Bill Wright)
> TR: Crestone Ice? (long!)  (DAVE CONDIT)
> TR: Crestone Needle (the no-ice version)  (Steelmnkey)
> TR: Dream Canyon Diversions  (Mad Dog)
> TR: Flatirons Top Ten Link-up  (Bill Wright)
> TR: Half Dome in a Day with Hans (long)  (John Black)
> TR: I Ain't Nothing But...  (Bill Wright)
> TR: Matterhorn Peak via North Arete, a Rock Climber discovers Mountaineering
>  (Sulam)
> TR: Mt. Slalok, North Face.  (Rich Pawlowicz)
> TR: Original Route, Mt. Whitesides N.C.  (Kris Nuttycombe)
> TR: Serpnetine Arete, Dragontail Peak  (Scott Presho)
> TR: Si Se Puedes (long)  (JKVawter)
> TR: Sport Climbing in the Minarets  (Ben Craft)
> TR: Tower Fever  (Bill Wright)
> TR: Weaver's Needle  (Scott Presho)
> TR:3rd Flatiron (long)   (Nicole Rauert)
> TR-Last Hurrah  (Keith Jewell)
> TR-Mt. Lougheed - 3107m Alpine 5.4  (Bill Kerr)
> TR:South Face of Washington Col, with a twist   (User)
> Trip Report - Tuolomne Meadows (Long)  (Chris Wegener)
> Trip Report Zodiac  (kathydee)
> Trip Report: Ten DAys After  (Michael A. Esparza)
> Two innocents in Boston Basin   (Jeff Winslow)
> Zippo & Brian's Big Adventure (Trip Report)  (JOHN MIKSITS)