marine business school las vegas canada fur trade hudson bay charles 1

marine business school las vegas canada fur trade hudson bay charles 1

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most of us from kings long time ago.  strong families.  we are all kings.

mother's father two cites fighting one troy quebec.  onside with moosonee canada.  good fishing half way get off train.  latitude holland *** forest.  from enterprise heson alfir stolite.  family.  from mars compound 2*3.  father emperor of today sergiti.  in africa.  we are in maun africa, norway, france, mongolia city capsie in upper planet combodia.  but maun is in florida.

father...father...father captain vancouver, admiral of tom select.  father father born in hawaii two sons, second son your father.  did motor licence with obama 1812.  2 back.  

father mother ...... japan 4023.  rice wine queen.  ruled earth as queen of restaurants and armies of australia.  still here as queen of hofu.  taught english too in 2000/01 in hofu american language school.  fun way to met someone.  temple half named festival queen started.  was in it 2000 or 2001.  half named i was.   so many stories in japan.  north island biggest far away.

mother's mother....yorktown missouri.  yorktown 1 from ati gadambi.  bewitched tapes.  ashley's mother.  made first from beer than wine beer pig waterloo.  wine from beer ok.  good skin paint red paint %12.  no more tlak about skin.  know.  family from book albra.  lion kings from africa game park.  from scotland devine planet (earth, 2 a galaxy)  2 billion on planet then from orange county presbritearenans, spelling right.  

ashley judd leader of family friends

mars coompound 6.5 **8.
hotel 6 mars compound
hotel 7 mars compound
gez pronounced jazz mars compound
crump mars compound (film)
soso mars compound (me stomach)  was your king
disco mars compound not music
sam mars compound
dali mars compound
first mars compound
goto mars compound
soso.8 mars compound
200 billion dilt pickle mars compound
436 000 billion hal storm made hal6.7834alkla
500 trillion .2367 enterprise5.6uii
dalt mars compound
first mars compound
jedi 67.01alco
dantawin darth council 7.6
xmas october anti-09 gola unti gilo filo (firlo) some sata gold silver....56 gold

gods speed

king jonathan riley katavik starting boeing orange mars compound diri unti sam sam 89 gold