"Antique Gear" & "Handicap Stair Climbing"

"Antique Gear" & "Handicap Stair Climbing"

Post by RWW » Sun, 05 Mar 2000 04:00:00

Greetings Group, all the best to you.

    My first visit to this group. I don't know anything about climbing, but
I've recently been down to our local climbing shop regarding the use of
ropes, belts, ascenders, grigris, figure 8s, etc. to enable handicappers to
be safer when they have to go up and down stairways in their own homes.
    I'd be grateful for ideas any of you might have on that subject. Is it
feasible to set up ropes and use ascenders on one side of the stairs and
another rope on the other side for a grigri for going down? Or...?

    Also, in talking with the local shop's climbing equipment salesman,
antique equipment came up, since I like anything old anyway. Turns out the
salesman is interested in old climbing equipment, particularly wooden
handled ice axes and things of that sort. He gave me a couple World War II
US Govt petons. Pretty nice guy.
    Anyway he doesn't have internet access so I told him I'd look around for
him a bit. I haven't found anything doing searches on that topic so far.
Does anyone have anything like that for sale, or know where there are sales
or trades of antique climbing equipment?

If you can help with either advice on the handicap stair climbing or the

[Don't worry, I'm NOT planning on rigging up handicapped climbers with old

Thanks for your help and Best Regards,
Bob in Michigan