Reliable/Good Beginner Ice area for new years?

Reliable/Good Beginner Ice area for new years?

Post by Kalpak Sh » Tue, 14 Nov 1995 04:00:00

I would like suggestions on good ice climbing areas for first week of
Jananuary. Things I am looking for are

1. Reliable ice for 1st week of Jan. I understand that removes New
Hampshire from the list.

2. Good beginner area. I am going with 3+, 4 leader and I have climbed
some 3 routes. so what we are looking for is easy multipitch, maybe
slightly difficult single pitches or difficult single pitches we can

3. Since we are going for 9 days might be good if there is something
else to do (like skiing mabye or just some hiking/moutaineering etc).

Areas which I am thing about are Utah, Colorado or maybe
Banff(??). I don't know anything about these areas so if someone
knowledgeable can comment on them, it would be good.

And lastly if people don't want to broadcast their idea, I am amenable
to receiving email and not posting a summary. THanks