Gregory packs on sale (reply to previous post)

Gregory packs on sale (reply to previous post)

Post by Dave Rother » Sat, 23 Nov 1996 04:00:00

>>I am looking for any comments on the Shasta internal frame pack
>>made by Gregory.  The Shasta is a no-frills model that should
>>suit my basic needs well and looking for second opinions.  I am also
>>considering the Wind River by Gregory but is it really worth
>>the extra $$ ?

Several people have sent mail asking me about the sale I mentioned
in my followup:

> Yes, the Wind River is (IMHO) worth the extra.  Also, the Wind River
> is changing, and the now "old" models are being cleared out.  Campmors
> has it for $199.  Other retailers may match this price.  Note that the
> wind river is > 6000CI.  Great for winter trips but overkill for a
> few days or even a week in the summer.  I've got the Denali and like
> it, but I chould have bought two discontinued Wind Rivers for the price.
> love.

So here it is.  Campmor, 1-800-campmor, has various sizes of both men's
and women's Shasta for $159.97 and Wind River for $199.97.  The Wind
River was around $300 at my local shop this summer, and I think the
Shasta is normally around $250 (maybe less).  These are excellent prices
on good hugh (5500-6500ci) packs that are good for anything short of
a multiweek serious mountain climb.