Trip Report list 98/99

Trip Report list 98/99

Post by Michael A. Riche » Mon, 07 Jan 2002 16:21:04

Here is a list of "only" the 98/99 TR's, that I've complied so far. I will
be posting the 2000 and 2001 lists in the next couple of days. This list has
the TR's from the UK group included, as I had the list half way compiled
before I decided to to separate the these out and list them separately (as I
suspect that they'll be doing their own best of the best...).

I have tried to ferret out the proper names of those that have written
these, but as they are several years old and my memory ain't what it used to
be, some of them have only what they themselves attributed the stories to.
If I have missed anybody, please accept my most humble apologies. I have
tried to be as diligent as possible in collecting these stories, but there
have been times that I simply missed some. If you see, in the next few days
that I have missed one of yours, please send me a copy and I'll include it
in the judging. These TR's do not take into account any that have been
posted to websites, with only a link to them. Some of these that I have
found, had to be deleted because the links were no longer any good. Those
listed below, have all been posted directly to the two groups.

This is going to be a monumental task. I have somewhat stalled out on a
couple, because they have very special meanings, to this group. One that
comes to mind is a TR posted by Tom Dunwiddie...I am going to put these into
a special category...because they are truly the best of the best.

Thanks to each and everyone of you that have ever submitted a story and I
only hope I can do justice to them...

That RatDhuuude...

> (TR) Youarsey solothon doesn't quite make it (longish)  (Tony T)
> (TR)Timp..........To the Top (Long)  (Michael A. Riches)
> 1982 Zodiac Solo Retro TR (Karl Baba)
> 6/19 RMNP - Longs area conditions  (Doug Josephson)
> A week in the Alps  (Kateness)
> An expat returns....but not for long  (Kateness)
> Attempt on Mt. Emerson, Sierra Nevada (Tom Kenney)
> Baildon TR (shortish)  (Adam Greenwood)
> Bambi in Langdale TR  (Hairball)
> Bank hol in Wales  (Hairball)
> Bear Creek Spire: Retro TR  (JKVawter)
> Best/Worst Yokel/Tourist Moment?  (Crack Boy)
> Big day at the Leap  (John Black)
> Birchen & Chatsworth TR  (Hairball)
> Bodmin Moor TR  (Mark Kemball)
> Burbage midges  (Iain McTaggart)
> Burbage South - Youarsey itsy bitsy ***y weeny mini meet TR  (Mark Tolver)
> CC family meet TR (long)  (Mark Tolver)
> Chimney Rock, N.Idaho - a trip report, of sorts  (Joe Bensen)
> Climbing with Karl Baba " The Bear"  (Tom Rogers)
> Cornwall eclipse m& climbing TR  (Hairball)
> To Paradise and Beyond  (Michael A. Riches)
> Dissapointing day on God's own rock (TR)  (Mike Foster)
> e-postcard from the States  (Duncan Irving)
> Eichorn Pinnacle  (Ben Craft)
> Faylure TR (longish)  (Mark Kemball)
> First Lead  (JKVawter)
> First Sierra Climb  (Bob Austin)
> TR- Shooting Star Couloir  (?)
> French TR (long)  (Nicholas Isaac)
> Froggatt TR  (Michael Spackman)
> Galactic Hitchhiker 2nd and 3rd Ascent TR (Long)  (Karl Baba)
> Gardoms TR  (Mr W J Wykes)
> Gunks non-trip-report: a gift day  (Steven Cherry)
> High Neb (Stanage) TR  (Michael Spackman)
> Hobbit Book Revisited  (Dingus Milktoast)
> Hot Days (TR)  (Toby Speight)
> How to lose half a stone in a week (or, Eldorado revisited)  long  (Kateness)
> I seem to have left something behind (TR) [long]  (Mike Foster)
> Lakes TR [long, first TR]  (Adrian Baugh)
> "Shasta by Moonlight" -- a First Timer's TR  (JSHadley)
> Lost Arrow Spire Direct (VI 5.11 A3) - cliff notes  (Gf45teg45)
> Lost Arrow Tip TR   (Ken Cline)
> Lover's Leap TR 8/13-4  (John Black)
> McConnells Mill Access  (DeanM510)
> Middle Palisade trip report  (Donald Graham)
> Mini-TR: North Wales  (Nick)
> Norman Clyde Peak - trip report  ( Norman Clyde Peak - trip report)
> Observant? - NOT!!  TR (Short)  (Anthony Williams)
> Petit Grepon Trip Report...NOT  (Mark Bockmann)
> Quick visit to Maple Canyon.  (Climin' Sideshow Rob)
> Rainier TR 7/28 rev.  (JTG)
> Roaches. Wet and Windy. TR   (Mr W J Wykes)
> Sandbagged  (Arnaud)
> Screda Point and "interesting" gear. TR  (Mark Kemball)
> Serious Sphincters Scale Sphinx  (David Ress)
> Skye TR (long)  (Bob Wightman)
> Stanage with my new rack, a pinhole camera, and NO mosqiuto reppelent!!  (Mike
> Swanage TR  (Rich Thorne)
> The Peapod  (Anthony Williams)
> The Weekend (Was TR: Amphitheatre Buttress  (Bob Wightman)
> TR - Boulder Canyon on who knows what  (Frank Stock)
> TR - C***te's web  (Madeleine Schultz)
> TR - Climbing in Maine (Acadia)  (Erik Trounce)
> TR - English Opening on Lumpy Ridge (longish)  (Frank Stock)
> TR : Joshua Tree - Broken Leg (Non-climbing related epic)  (Jason Huckaby)
> TR - Kinder North  (John Smith)
> TR - Leaning Tower  (H. Yohen)
> TR - Lover's Leap  (Madeleine Schultz)
> TR - Part 1, Alan and Jean Head To Zion (long) (hopefully funny)  (AKLindsay)
> TR : Royal Arches Revisited  (H.J. (Jim) Leininger)
> TR - Sherman (important route info)  (Nightwalker)
> TR - The Meadows and the High Sierra  (dfhill)
> TR - The Obelisk, CA (and Tehipite)  (Madeleine Schultz)
> TR Ardeche Limestone (7 days long!)  (schristie)
> TR Calypso - Eldorado  (Frank Stock)
> TR Exum/Irene's Tetons LONG  (Keith Jewell)
> TR McHenrys Peak  (Ross)
> TR Mid Wales (long)   (Lewis)
> TR North Wales  (Tim Jones)
> TR North Wales (was Re: Spam)  (Lewis)
> TR Roaches 19th June  (Iain McTaggart)
> TR Sierra Classics  (Ben Craft)
> TR Week in Wales (err, this is quite long, sorry)   (sj)
> TR - Total Beginners in Leicestershire (long)  (Sara Spence)
> TR:  Clyde Minaret, Back Country and Creature Comforts  (Inez Drixelius)
> TR:  Grand Teton 6/24/99 - Long  (Arete99)
> TR:  North Wales (very short)  (Simon Caldwell)
> TR:  Shooting the Dice: Long  (Eric D. Coomer)
> TR: (Almost)soloing Huayna Potosi(long)  (Marc-Andr Giasson)
> TR: A full day at Seneca   (Mongo)
> TR: A gritty weekend.  (David Jones)
> TR: A Gunks Gumbie Goes to the Valley  (Steven Cherry)
> TR: Amphitheatre Buttress (long - but it's a long route)  (Tony Buckley)
> TR: Big Chief, CA, USA  (John Black)
> TR: Birds (ducks, probably) of Fire, Rocky Mountain National Park
> TR: Blankenstein (1764m), Mangfallgebirg  (Duncan Watson)
> TR: Bouldering at Burbage  (Matt Schofield)
> TR: Burbage N.  (Matt Schofield)
> TR: Canadian Rockies, Long  (Julian Smith)
> TR: Childhood's End in the South Platte  (Bill Wright)
> TR: Disaster Day ! (long (ish))  (Sam)
> TR: first El Cap route (The Nose)  (Mike)
> TR: Fontinbloo  (Matt Schofield)
> TR: Gordale Scar  (Simon Witcher)
> TR: Half Dome, Reg Rte (Long)  (John Black)
> TR: Holy Cross (non-technical and long)  (Nightwalker)
> TR: Longs Peak, RMNP  (Jim Cormier)
> TR: Looking Glass  (Mongo)
> TR: Lost Arrow Spire (tip). Epic for the 4th of July  (Gerry Cox)
> TR: Marathon Eldo Day  (Bill Wright)
> TR: Mt Bierstadt/Mt Evans (LONG)  (Brad Baker)
> TR: N Face Cavell  (Guillermo Barron)
> TR: North Wales (very long)  (Zannah Poulsom)
> TR: Outer Space in Eldo  (Bill Wright)
> TR: Pt Perp Revisited  (Peter Monks)
> TR: quick day in the Peaks (long)  (Charles Arthur)
> TR: Saturday at Suicide  (JKVawter)
> TR- Shark's Tooth, RNMP   (the whole thing this time) :)  (Brad)
> TR: Sierra Classics  (Ben Craft)
> TR: South Face of Wind Tower (Eldorado, Colorado)  (Bill Wright)
> TR: Split Pinnacle  (Dingus Milktoast)
> TR: Squamish Buttress  (Chuck Spiekerman)
> TR: Sunshine at Stanage (long!)  (John Chivall)
> TR: Tahquitz, Jensen's Jaunt Epic  (Michael E. Gordon)
> TR: The Big Picket (long)  (Pete)
> TR: THE NOSE  (Bob Austin)
> TR: Wenvoe Quarry, Twynau Gwynion  (Gareth Rees)

> TR-Baxter's Pinnacle-Tetons  LONG  (James Keith Jewell)
> TR-Devil's Head, Alberta, Canada  (Bill Kerr)
> Trip Report - Prow (Washington's column)  (Madeleine Schultz)
> trip report: evans/bierstadt (long)  (Nightwalker)
> Trip report: Lurking Fear (long)  (Mike Esparza)
> Trip to NE Scotland TR - or not! (Long with not much content!)  (schristie)
> Tuolumne Meadows, Fairview Dome, Regular Route Trip Report  (Mark A. Fletcher)
> Wales Weekend   (Hairball)
> Week on Lundy  (Michele)
> Wharncliffe TR  (Michael Spackman)
> Wye Valley TR  (Nick Isaac)
> Yosemite "Wild Thing" Birthday Epic (Long TR)  (Karl Baba)
> Yosemite anti-sport TR  (Madeleine Schultz)
> Yosemite Gumby TR (6/23-6)  (John Black)
> [long] TR: Bank Hol on Grit  (Stefan Kruger)
> [TR] Jugglers Crack Up on WJD.  (Rob Stone)
> [V. LONG] TR: N. Highlands: Stac Pollaidh, TOM of Stoer  (Stefan Kruger)