El Dia de Los Muertos en JTree

El Dia de Los Muertos en JTree

Post by Ra » Fri, 30 Sep 1994 10:50:36

Here's an update on the JTree during Halloween trip.

My fiance and I are leaving LA for the monument about 8:30pm
thurs night.  I haven't decided which campground yet, people
have suggested Ryan and Belle (opinions?).  Two people have
asked that we not choose Indian Cove That's fine by me).  We
will be out there the weekend of the 15th, and let everbody
know what the plan is shortly after that.

Suggested equipment (besides the obvious):
        1+ pumpkins per group
           candles for said Jack-O-Lanterns to be
        1  bundle of wood per group
           Oingo-Boingo tapes/CD's
?       1  mini-generator
?       1  slide projector
?       1  something to use as a screen
?          slides, if you got em
other suggestions?

I figure that I should warn those who plan on going; there
will be non-climbers in attendance.

The following folks have said that they were interested:
(You should have gotten this via email, let me know if not.)
(See if you can make arangements to carpool, if you want.  )

Ray DeGennaro & Tosca Dumas         (thurs) Glendale, CA

Dave Beckman                            (?????) Caltech, CA

Richard & Patsy Hughes                      (Fri  ) San Diego, CA

Glen Mann & (prob three more)               (?????) Salt Lake City, UT

Paul Gautheir                           (?????) Berkeley, CA

Ellen Sentovich & ?????                     (?????) Berkeley, CA

jOE Pullara                             (thurs) Berkeley,CA

Michael Brodesky & ?????            (thurs) Sacramento, CA

Maria McAlister & ????                      (?????) Salinas Valley

Greg Opland, Dead Cat & few more    (?????) Some where in Arizoner

Tim Schneider & girlfriend          (?????) Phoenix, AZ

Dag Johansen                            (?????) ?????

                                        (?????) ?????

                                        (?????) ?????


Ray (DJ) DeGennaro II