FS: "Cheetah" kite - ready to fly in San Diego

FS: "Cheetah" kite - ready to fly in San Diego

Post by Davida Strau » Tue, 27 Jul 1999 04:00:00

                       For Sale

      "Cheetah"  stunt kite (2 lines)

    This is a moderate to light-strong wind kite
   This is a nice kite to fly and is very responsive
                       (medium in size)

It has dark blue, medium blue, light blue, and white panels
             in its color scheme - quite attractive :)

   Includes: kite storage pouch
                  strap handles
                  Spectra lines

     Excellent to almost new condition

       Ready to fly!  Price: $35 takes it all

  I am located in the San Diego area.
If interested please email or call me at: (619) 562-5960
   If line is busy, please call: (619) 602-5060

Thanks all :).

>>> Davida >>>