BIG AIR Kites Kites Kites!

BIG AIR Kites Kites Kites!

Post by Zenfreefa » Tue, 24 Apr 2001 16:45:36

BIG AIR's Kites are designed exclusively by world-renowned parachute designer
Brian Germain.  Fast, easy to fly and virtually indestructible, these kites are
the ultimate way to spend a windy Sunday afternoon.   Controlled by two 300 lb
spectra lines, BIG AIR's kites are incredibly maneuverable, and make an
excellent training device for the new rage sport "kite-surfing".

*Made from the same materials as sport parachutes for long life.

* Designed and cut by robotic computer system  for   perfect flight

*Compact for transport, with no cumbersome poles

*Will fly in winds as low as 4 mph or as high as 40!!!

*BIG AIR's kites come Complete with carrying bag, control lines and handles, as
well as line management system.


$125            10 square feet
$150            20 Square feet
$185            30 Square Feet

To Order By phone:

call us at BIG AIR
(813) 788-4444
All major credit cards accepted:
MasterCard/Visa/americal express/discover
Sorry no COD's

To order by mail:
Send check or money order for the cost of the kite(s)
 Plus $7.95 for shipping and handling to:

38935 CR 54
Zephyrhills, FLA