Skyshark question

Skyshark question

Post by Bert Tana » Fri, 05 Aug 1994 16:26:11


Subj:   Red Ring on SkyShark IIIp?

SkyShark IIIp has a red ring around the other end.

Where should I point it?

- to the earth
- to the nose
- to the moon
- to the ferrule
- to the tail
- to the center of gravity
- to the Andrew Beattie

only solid opinions appreciated.


The red ring is also a way of identifying the latest version of Skyshark
rods.  Anyways, the red, or blue ring is used to indicate which end has
been built up to accept an internal ferrule.  It is quite strong.  The
unmarked end is also built up, but is for use with an external ferrule.

These new 1994 rods are much more durable than older 3P's.  I have an
older Katana that I broke 6 Bemans on (4 bottom spreaders and 2 leading
edges).  My Icarex Katana has Skyshark 3P's in it, and I have yet to
break one.  This spar seems to be particularly resistant to damage
caused by continuous flexing in the lower spreaders do to ground work,
and the stress of using a curved leading edge.  I fly my Icarex Katana
in all winds.  The 3P rod seems to be particularly suited for this size
kite.  I have them in my Pro Dancer, but due to the Pro Dancer's long
leading edge, some might prefer the 5P.  I also have them in a couple of my
Legend IQ's and my UL Rev II.  The only one I have ever broken was in my
Rev II's leading edge, but that was probably due to an experimental
vinyl sytem I was testing, and have since discarded.

Good winds,