changing the number members in a team

changing the number members in a team

Post by Peter Leclerc » Sat, 11 Oct 1997 04:00:00

I have been following the thread about 3 or 4 member-teams versus 6 member
teams with great interest. I have attended the World Cup and I have seen
Aftershock flying. Their ballet was indeed very spectacular but precision
was far less. From the thread and from the Rulebook, we can learn that the
number of persons in a team shouldn't affect the scoring by the judges.

But the rulebook also states that a team can change the number of persons
when flying  precision or ballet. So, in the past, we have seen six member
teams flying four in precision (Tsunami, After Shock, I am not sure about
the Dikehoppers). I know it is hard to fly your compulsories with six
kites/members. However, since we do not have precision champions and ballet
champions separately, I believe that a team must fly both events with the
same team (no member changes at all).

On the other hand, taking into account that they do fly six would mean that
the scoring they get, should also take into account the number of flyers.
Not in the choreography part of course, but in technical (for precision)
and in execution (for ballet). I am not sure if this would be practical to
do. It's just an idea. I think everybody expects that five or six man teams
get higher scores for the technical aspect of team flying (if they deserve
this, of course).

Teams with three member should then be extra creative to beat those "big"
teams with stunning routines and "disguise" the fact that they are only
three. Skydance and Lung Ta are in my opinion good examples of that.

Also, the standard should be set on three kites and not on four. Not only
more and more teams are now based on three members but adding a fourth
person already brings about more difficulty. It is not because most teams
fly four kites that they should be considered as "the standard".

Creating different categories for different numbered teams is not
realistic. It is up to the team to chose how many flyers they want. The
more flyers, the more difficult it becomes, I think.

What do you think ? I am looking forward to read your opinion.

Peter Pan
Team Highlife


changing the number members in a team

Post by Simo Salann » Mon, 13 Oct 1997 04:00:00


> I believe that a team must fly both events with the
> same team (no member changes at all).

To my understanding, the present rules allow:

* 9 person team
* 3 of them fly precision
* the other 6 fly ballet.



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