Uses Kites- To sell or not to sell!

Uses Kites- To sell or not to sell!

Post by chj » Sat, 15 Jan 2000 04:00:00

While not wanting to get embroiled in to buy or sell used kites online, my
wife says NO Precisionist until I remove some of the unused "clutter" from
the front room.
So will sell a few duplicates:

Prism Elixir - #12 of 12 Made for the O.S. '99 International Kite Challange.
Custom Colors.  This kite was demo'd by Mark Reed so it knows all the
tricks.  Hasn't been flown since.  $150.00

Diggles Hard Corps- Standard.  Flown once to check the bridle.  $90.00

Diggles Hard Corps- 3/4 Size. Nice little trick kite.  $65.00

TOTL Sizzle- Ultra lite.  Great precision/ballet kite, slow, full 8 foot
sail.  $90.00

These kites are all in excellent to new condition. I will shipping and if
you're not happy or if you think they're not as advertised I'll be glad to
refund your money.
Email  or call me (360)289-9702 for colors or further info.  I trust kite
fliers so personal checks are welcome!
Pray for  wind!