Nothin' up my "sleeve": avoiding line wear

Nothin' up my "sleeve": avoiding line wear

Post by Philip B. Cha » Wed, 15 Jun 1994 03:28:53

OK, this is really about sleeving, but I do have an interesting idea on
avoiding line wear.  

My pair of Peter Lynn quick release handles did quick work cutting through
some sleeved #450 spectra.  In case you haven't seen these handles, they are
metal and have a hook the retains the lines and ring that the line passes
through as it leaves the handles.  My sleeving was not long enough to protect
the line from the rings, and in one day of flying, I cut almost all of the way
through the line at the rings.

I resleeved with long sleeves to protect the line from the ring, but I went
further by adding a loop of parachute cord to each line to act as a line
leader.  Since I did this, I have had no line cuts at all.  I occasionally get
abrasion on the loop, so I rotate it a few inches to move the wear spot.  It's
thick enough that it should last for a few years.  :-)

The loops are *really* valuable if you fold your lines in half to reduce line
length.  I separate them from the line end, fold the line, and attach the loop
at the midpoint of the line.  Without this, the handles would quickly cut the
line at the midpoint.

On a related note to this thread, everyone should get a sleeving tool even if
they don't sleeve lines.  With a sleeving tool you can splice cut spectra back
together without loosing line strength and without creating and knots that
would snag when the lines are wrapped.  I have 3 splices in my 60' line set
that I use with my F10 4.4.  All of the splices are in the top lines.  They
have never slipped and are almost invisible.  There's just a small fat spot at
each splice.


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