Re Entry level beginners kite page

Re Entry level beginners kite page

Post by Scott » Sun, 07 Jan 2001 14:59:53

At last a great thread to reply too.....

What Kiting needs is a good online community portal web site.... (there are
a couple of guys out there doing a great job at the moment, but I feel,
there's room for something special)

"What is a Web Portal" I here you ask;  A 'Kite portal' Web community.  It
is the most comprehensive, integrated collection of community building
software (database driven) in the industry. Easily manage a business
directory; Membership; ad server, promotions and contests, catalogs, news
and newsletters, events calendars, message boards, personal web page and

If any company is out there interested in sponsoring one... I do have the
database driven web application to create this....