KITE LINES Stunt Kite Survey

KITE LINES Stunt Kite Survey

Post by Michael J Keati » Tue, 07 Jan 1992 08:07:55

The Kite Lines survey to evaluate stunt kites is looking for panelist to review
kites.  If your a dual line pilot and want to participate in this survey you
can call or fax for review forms.

(416) 977-2819 voice
(416) 960-6998 fax

Those who have been a panelist have been sent forms, but the letter I got ask
for new names for this years survey. So give Michael Graves from Kite Lines a
call, last time we got a review patch for our effort. Better yet, you get a
chance to say what you want about what you fly.

      /  A \/    \     * |  /  __              voice = 614-451-4870
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