WSIKF - World Kite Museum Update

WSIKF - World Kite Museum Update

Post by Gina Hsiun » Wed, 13 Aug 1997 04:00:00

We just received our flyer from the World Kite Museum and Hall of Fame
yesterday, and I thought I'd help Kay Buesing spread the word about the
exciting things planned.

Eleven Japanese Kite Ambassadors will be visiting Long Beach, WA for the
week long kite festival. Mr. Masaaki Modegi, president of the Japanese
Kite Assoc., and his wife are organizing the visiting group.
Visitors include:
Mrs. Tokuko Sato, world renown kite artist in the tradition of the
Tsugaru style of Northern Japan, she will be flying and demonstrating
kite painting and making Thurs. afternoon in the kitemaking tent.

Mr. & Mrs. Fikuro Kubo are making their first trip to Long Beach. Mr.
Kubo's speciality is Japanese and Korean Fighthers and he is an advisor
of the Fukwoka Kite Assoc.

Mr. & Mrs. Hideo Matsutani bring special kite painting skills. Mr.
Matsutani often uses pictures on his kites from the Kintaro and the
Peach Boy tales. He will also be demonstrating kite making and painting

Mr. Teruso Suga, who delights in many of the Japanese paper arts, will
entertain everyone with folded paper toys, besides he special Edo kites.

Mrs. Taeko Nakamura, an official from the Showa-Machi Giant Kite Museum,
will also attend the festival.  

Joe Manfredini and Dan Kurahashi will be hosting this group.

Highlights during the week are:
Monday morning, 8:30 am in the Kitemaking tent, a "1930 Dining Car"
Breakfast will be severed in honor of the day's event, Kite Trains,
Arches, etc.

The Museum's Wine Tasting Event will be held Tuesday, Aug. 19th, 7-10 pm
at the Edgewater Inn, cost is $20.00 per person, Logo glass $4.00 extra.
All profits will go towards the Museum's new building.

On Wed., J.R. Tolman will be conducting his famous kitemaking class for
the kids. This year bug kites will hatch from the tent and fill the air.

Visit the kitemaking tent Thurs. at 1 pm to watch the Japanese guests
demonstrate their traditional kite making.

Saturday (check at the Museum booth for times)
1. The Bug any bug shaped kite and join the fun
2. Wolf and Sheep Fighter Kite Game...

We are definitely looking forward to a week full of activities!!