Where to buy New/Used Sport Kites in Singapore

Where to buy New/Used Sport Kites in Singapore

Post by Lawrence Christoph » Sun, 15 Feb 1998 04:00:00

Several tourists to Singapore had asked me where to buy Sport Kites
while in Singapore. For the convenience of future visitors to this
lovely Island, I am posting this message for their information and

When vacationing in Singapore go to Marina South to meet local Kite
Flyers! Also located at the site is Singapore's only Sport Kite Store,
operated by Mr Anthony Lim who is himself a keen Sport Kite enthusiast
and hobbyists! His address is as follows:

                             The East South Enterprise
                             Marina South, Marina Mall, #01-02
                            Singapore 0101
                           Tel: (Voice) 065-226-0928
                           Tel: (Fax)   065-221-3822

He has wide selection of popular brands of Sport Kites, buggies,
boomerangs, and yo-yos even! If you are looking for used Sport
Kites just him to look for you ...he can make arrangements for
overseas orders too. Just make arrangements with him.
      With best regards, Cheers!


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