Zen and the art of kite flying.

Zen and the art of kite flying.

Post by RBBA » Mon, 01 Jul 2002 00:16:13

An excerpt from 'Zen and the art of kite flying',
by Shoko Moshitawa


"....my master then imparted on me the supreme secret for attaining mastery
over all kites. And climbing to a windy and rugged hilltop the very next day, I
launched my big orange kite into the void, into the very teeth of the demon
wind, and then repeated the following sacred affirmation:

"I will not be shaken!".

At those words the wind blew even stronger, but I kept repeating my masters
sacred words:

"I will not be shaken!".

[Wind speed, 15 knots]

"I will not be.."

[Wind speed, 18 knots]

"I will not.."

[Wind speed, 22 knots]

"I will.."

[Wind speed, 25 knots]


[Wind speed, 30 knots]


[Wind speed, 40 knots]

"I, I..."

(Wind speed, 45 knots]

"I, I, I ...eeeeeeee!"


Farewell brave kiter,  wherever you may be now!