Introduction to the Kite Collective's Kite Machine Project

Introduction to the Kite Collective's Kite Machine Project

Post by whitney.paige.richard.. » Thu, 11 Oct 2012 04:04:54

Hello everyone,

I'm writing to introduce you to a public arts project I've been working on with my partners, Lee Dares & Paolo Stagnaro, of the Kite Collective. I've just returned to my home city of Chicago after living in New York and am getting familiar with all of the wonderful organizations, designers, creators, reuse centers, art enthusiasts, public spaces and galleries out here. I was thrilled to discover you guys and admire the work that you do. I've added the CAD event calendar, and I am looking forward to attending one coming up!

Kite Collective, of which I am part founder, is expanding our Kite Machine Project into Chicago. The Kite Collective uses kites as a platform to explore physical theory and develop sustainable community networks through collaboration and arts education. We build kites using mostly recycled materials. We offer kite-making workshops to organizations that believe in the healing power of experiential arts education for anyone interested. There are so many vibrant cultures out there with kite-making and kite-flying playing a central role in the community, and part of what we enjoy doing, too, is learning from others on what kites have offered them.

We launched the Kite Machine Project in NYC, at Rockaway Beach, this past summer, and it will return for its second open season next summer. The Kite Machine Project is an expanding network of refurbished vending machines used to distribute handmade kites build out of recycled materials offered at little to no cost. The Kite Machines (1) serve as landmarks for community and personal enjoyment, (2) invite moments of disruptive wonder and (3) offer instruments that allow you to let go. The mission is to reconnect urbanites with the environment in a way that is transient and magical.

Kite Machine Chicago would make the second installation of the project. It is up for a grant in an online voting contest to get the funding necessary for its implementation. The polls close next Thursday, October 11. If you know anyone that would be able to support us with votes or other pertinent organizations and contacts, it would be wonderful to get in touch!

To vote, just click Kite Machine Chicago and remember to confirm your email to make the vote count. The project with the most votes wins the grant, and we're only a few spots away from the top.

If you have any ideas on who I might get in touch with for assistance in this matter, for potential collaboration or anyone who might be interested, I'd be thrilled to hear! I've been looking to connect with people in the area in the world of public arts, community arts, public space, arts education, toy design, reuse missions, slow toys movement, art therapy, folk arts, outsider arts, and the list goes on, to discuss potential avenues of collaboration. We're working on the development aspect of the project launch to raise the funds necessary for project implementation, and then we can get the fun part started. Please do send any thoughts and suggestions this way!

Thanks so much, and I look forward to hearing from you!

Very Best,
Kite Collective
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