Ohio Ice Fly, BSAFs Fourth Annual Ice Fly

Ohio Ice Fly, BSAFs Fourth Annual Ice Fly

Post by Gizm » Sat, 03 Jan 1998 04:00:00

                            A  PROCLAMATION
 ************* Black Swamp Air Force's Fourth Annual Ice Fly ************
                      January 31 and February 1 1998

I, Vice King, Marshal In Charge of Chilly Things, Master of Frozen
Extremitys, and Proud keeper of My Own Icesickle, Do hereby declare that
the OFFICIAL DATE for Black Swamp Air Forces' Ice Fly (also known as
Terry's Frozen Thingy as well as other names to be announced later) shall
be held on Saturday, January the 31st and Sunday, February 1st 1998

Maumee Bay State Park in Oregon, Ohio is the Official Flying Field of the
BSAF and the site of the Black Swamp Air Force's Fourth Annual Ice Fly
unless we decide to do it else where. (Due to conditions beyond our
control like no ice! Thanks a bunch "El Ninio")

The universal time for kite flys is some time around 1 pm til ya quit. We
acknowledge this ain't a normal time of year to fly kites, so we'll try to
get stuff set up by 10:30 - 11:00 am and will continue the merriment until
they pry our frozen fingers from the handles of our kites or till someone
decides to go party. Sustenance will be provided on the field to help keep
body and souls quite nurished.(ie. hot dogs, coffee, cocoa, and whatever
anyone brings to share)

At the end of Saturdays festivities some of us will adjourn to a cottage
at the park to thaw our digits, rest and relax. Why not join us? There is
enough to share with those willing to bring a sleeping bag, and as we all
know, the more the merrier. We'll work out something for dinner even if
we just order in pizza.

Sunday morning we can reconvene at the flying field (allowing that all
your parts is thawed) to play some more.

Precious little of this is carved in stone, save the dates.
Mother Nature has been known to mess with the conditions in the
Swamp, Please contact Terry "Gizmo" Gerweck at (313) 243-0919 as the date
gets ominously closer for up to the minute details.

PS. Please bring your safty gear. (ie , helmet and whatever else needed to
keep you from being reduced to a vegtable) Use of the proper gear shows
the park staff and the world that we are indeed "responsible", besides,
it's THE rule

Terry "Gizmo" Gerweck