High Fly Kite Co. "Spar Research Report"

High Fly Kite Co. "Spar Research Report"

Post by Marty Sasa » Fri, 07 Feb 1992 05:20:29

The report does a fair job at comparing hardwood dowels, fiberglass
rod and tubing, AFC graphite rods, spiral wrapped graphite tubes and
Easton Aluminum/Carbon rods.

There are a few errors in the charts, so it is hard to tell exactly
what is going on, which is the reason that I don't rate this as good
or excellant. Here's an example:

From the Stiffness to Weight Study, an Easton 3/30 has a deflection of
.810 and as a ratio has .899 when compared to a K75. K75 has a
deflection of .509. An AFC 2200 has a deflection of .718 and a ratio
of .709. By the deflection an AFC 2200 is stiffer than an Easton 3/30.
By the ratio to K75, the reverse is true.

The stiffness ratios as they compare to K75 seem to be about right,
at least with the sticks that I am familiar with.

Even though these are small errors, they call into question the data.
My feeling is that if you need this kind of information, then get the
chart and use the comparision to K75 column. If you don't need this
info right now, then wait for the revised edition.

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