High Wind Kites

High Wind Kites

Post by Lee Hetheringt » Sat, 03 Sep 1994 01:31:08

|       With this configuration [the vented Air Master] flies
| beautifully from about 8-20 without a screen ( or brake ) and a little
| higher with those attached.

Hmm...  At BASKC in IIP, the wind was around 12-16mph (measured) I
believe.  Peter Betancourt was using a small screen on his kite.  I
believe Jason and Robert Keefe also flew this same kite with screen
attached at BASCK.  Am I remembering wrong, Jason?

I flew this kite a bit in the gusty wind, and it was nice, but
center-of-the window tricks were still very difficult.

Has the vented Air Master been improved since BASKC?
                                Lee Hetherington


High Wind Kites

Post by Jason Benedi » Fri, 02 Sep 1994 23:42:35

>In high wind conditions, speedwings or mirages may be the best
>choice, but there are lots of things you can't do with them either.
>Maybe we shouldn't expect kites to be able to do the same moves in
>high winds?

>                           Still searching for *THE* high wind kite,

>                           Mark V

        Would now be a good time to remind everyone about the Vented Air Master?
The kite has the same low aspect ratio as the regular Air Master, but exhibits
very little pull, and still performs extrordinarily in high wind.  Peter
Betancourt ( Air Master manufacturer ) and I have done very well in high wind
competition with the Vented Air Master.  The kite was designed by Peter, Lance
and myself specificallly for high wind precision.  We knew that there was
nothing on the market that fit these criterion.  After many hours of flight time
and modifications of vent size and shape, the high wind AM is in my opinion, the
most stable and manageable vented kite on the market today.
         ( Please note, many will feel that my opinion is skewed because of my
relationship with Air Master.  This may very well be true, but I remind
everyone, I was flying these kites, WAY before I was sponsored by them.  In
addition, I invite everyone to take a test drive if you ever see us...  See
for yourself )
        In additioon to it's rock solid tracking and  exxcellent precision
ability, the VAM also performs all the cool tricks IN THE CENTER ON THE WINDOW.
Many master class flyers have flown the Vented AMI and have commented on the
amazing feel of this revolutionary vented kite.
        The kite is a 1/2 oz Icarex sail, SkyShark VP sticks, and 150 lbs dacron
        With this configuration it flies beautifully from about 8-20 without a
screen ( or brake ) and a little higher with those attached.
                Think about it !