Kite Kids in South Africa

Kite Kids in South Africa

Post by David Gombe » Fri, 29 Oct 2004 23:41:28

Hi Everyone!
This is an unusual request -- but a meaningful one.

We've just returned from Cape Town where local festivals are sponsored
by the Mental Health Association. They see kiting as a tool to reduce
stress and spread joy. Don't we all??


The 'intellectually disabled' children supported by Cape Mental Health
in Kyalisha Township live in unimaginable conditions. Basically wooden
shacks and cardboard boxes. But with the help of the Association, they
receive support, care and nutrition. Unfortunately, CMH has just lost
one of the two buses they need to bring kids to the center each day.

What this means is that half the kids in need must be left at home.
Their parents - usually a single parent - are forced to leave them
alone while working. There are no other alternatives for
transportation or special-needs care.

Our group was determined to help in some small way, and we invite you
to be a part of this show of support from the kiting community. If you
can send a small check to GKPI, ($5 or $10) or authorize a deduction
from your credit card, we'll forward the donations. We want to gather
as many small contributors as possible. I'm sure our collection will
not pay for a bus. But it will show the broader support that exists
for this important program and surely draw significant local matching
funds. Thank you.


or post PO Box 113, Neotsu OR 97364. Thanks!

More information at