New NZ Store & Singapore Fighter

New NZ Store & Singapore Fighter

Post by Colin Douthwai » Sun, 09 Jan 1994 04:03:20

A new Kite Store has surfaced in New Zealand.

Kites That Fly !
22 Wilton Street
Grey Lynn
Auckland 1OO2
New Zealand

Phone: (O9) 765-172

They are offering a wide selection of imported kites.

Singapore Fighter:

I bought one of their Singapore Fighters, paper/bamboo, yesterday
for NZ$ 4.50, haven't flown it yet but Jim Oliver of Wellington says
they fly surprisingly well.

The Singapore Fighter is a straight-sided vertical diamond.
The spine is flat bamboo and the cross-spar a square section.
Sail is polished tissue paper.


Width                                       475
Length                                      485
Wingtip horizontal line to base of kite     270
Nose to top bridle point ( spine
 /cross-spar crossover point )              110
Base to bottom bridle point                  80
Total Bridle Length                         680

Bridle Lower/Upper Leg Ratio..... Hmmm... I haven't flown it
yet...try  1.02,  343 lower/337 upper - then adjust from there to
suit your personal taste   :-)


Colin Douthwaite
New Zealand
8 January 1993