Skyshark spars

Skyshark spars

Post by tanaka.. » Wed, 02 Mar 1994 03:01:24


Subj:   Skyshark Spars

          What is the ouside diameter of skyshark rods? How do they compare to
          Beman and Advantage? They seem to be the hot rods of this year and were
          especially popular when we were on the West Coast.

The outside diameter of a Skyshark 3P is .292".  The inside diameter is
.243" to .248".  The 32.5" tube weighs 11 grams.  The tubes are tapered
on the inside for strength. The 5P and 7P have the same outside diameter.    

I have kites with Beman and Advantage frames and consider them both to be
high quality tubes. The Skyshark 3P has a stiffness factor that lies between
an Advantage 2 and 3 wrap. I like Bemans except that my own experience with
them is that they are fragile and easy to break.  I have re-framed a couple
of my kites with the new 3P's and the improved stiffness to weight ratio
for these kites has worked out very well for me.

Good Winds,
Bert Tanaka
West Covina, Ca.