The Lake Chatauqua Ice Fly

The Lake Chatauqua Ice Fly

Post by Mike Smather » Wed, 18 Feb 1998 04:00:00

Congrats to Lee and Sue Sedgewick for hosting a wonderful event, even
though re-located to Chautauqua Lake.

It was very nice meeting all of the new faces, and getting to cruise
around on top of the lake.

As a first timer on a frozen lake... I would have to say it was very
interesting at best.  A very wonderful substitue for the desert.  I
buggied like there was no tomorrow ;)  I have to say it is a very unique
experience cruising across the top of a frozen lake in a buggy at 20+
mph(alot of this time was spent traveling slightly sideways though!!!)
A total blast!!!  Now I have to come up with a plan to make my buggy go
better on top of the ice.

A fellow from Canada told me I should try studding my tires... has
anyone ever tried this?

You can see some of the pics from Erie at

This is not a page, but just the directory of the completely un-edited
pics.  I will try to work on this soon!

Take care!


Happy Winds!
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