Kites Kites Kites

Kites Kites Kites

Post by Kites Kites Kite » Mon, 16 Mar 1998 04:00:00

Think think think. Read read read. Learn learn learn.

Excuse me... I'm used to thinking in multiples of threes.

Also wanted to add a missing kite to our 4 Line Kite lineup.
 It's called the "Falling Star".

We (Puppet Kites) have no kites for sale at the moment. We are trying to
work the bugs out of the 4 Line "Nerdbird". It could possibly be for
sale at a store that sells kites near you.

Rec.kites has a global audience.

12 Line Kites: "Nerdbird" "Crabby"
"No.2"(pencil) "Prop Job"(airplane)
4 Line Kites: "Nerdbird" "Eye OF Saturn"
"Moon Man" "Spinning Balls" "Falling Star"