re.high wind kites

re.high wind kites

Post by Theesch » Tue, 13 May 1997 04:00:00

With the strong winds all this spring here on the coast of Maine, I have
been reading these postings with interest.  I had already been thinking
about getting a vented Prism Eclipse or Illusion (when available) as I
have both in the standard versions and like them very much.  I would be
interested  in any comments on the vented Eclipse.  
In the meantime, I decided to take my son's Pscho out today in the 20 mph
wind that is getting old around here.  I must say, it is quite a kite in
those winds.  Very trickable.  It does some interesting things that are so
fast that they are hard to describe.  Like a yoyo while facing out toward
the edge of the wind window. Fast.  Axels so fast that it is hard to see
them.  At the same time it would do nice, slow, flat axels out at the edge
of the wind.  If anyone wants a kite that is capable of lightning fast
tricks, this is the one.  My son does prefer it in about 5-6 mph on 65 lb
40 ft lines but it sure can take the wind.  I may have to get one of these
for myself before I break my son's.
Tony Heeschen


re.high wind kites

Post by justi » Wed, 14 May 1997 04:00:00


Please get another one...Elliot won't let me play with his enough...<G>

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