Comments on Prism Ion Kite wanted

Comments on Prism Ion Kite wanted

Post by Jonathan Mande » Fri, 02 Sep 1994 05:17:07

Hey gang this is a very impressive usenet group. I am considering the
purchase of a Prism Ion. I currently have a Spinoff and want to get into
something a little more exciting. A gentleman in a store at Kitty Hawk
Kites in Nags Head suggested that this is a great kite. "It is the best
kite I have.

Would like feedback on this kite.

Also any details available on kite festival Sept. 10 in Washington VA.?


Jon Mandell


Comments on Prism Ion Kite wanted

Post by Dan Whitne » Fri, 02 Sep 1994 13:43:34

Jon, My name is Dan and I do sell kites in California, I have flown all of
the Prism kites, The one I personal like the best is the Prism eclipse, For
these reasons, the kite is a whole lot of fun. You will be able to do some
tricks that you thought you couldnt do. The eclipse is very easy to put into
a back flip and the kite will recover by itself, also it is very easy to axle,
the quality of the kite is tops for its money, in comparing it to the ion
you will have much more response from the eclipse, for the difference of the $
I would say you would be better off paying it. You are looking in the right
the kites i fly the most are the skyburner 2
u.l. and reg. and the prism eclipse, I know both scobi and mark at prism,
In washington Wsikf I saw a new mini version of the eclipse I didnt fly
it personally but I think they had so much demand for the little guy that
they are thinking of putting it into production. If you do buy an eclipse
make sure the spar connectors are of the hard *** type, as they had
trouble with the soft ones, and that small problem has been corrected.
Hope this helps
Gone with the wind kites/ California


Comments on Prism Ion Kite wanted

Post by Larry Navar » Fri, 02 Sep 1994 17:42:17

I'm going to assume you are referring to the 6 foot Prism Ion
rather than the Macro Ion in this response:  I own a Prism Ion
that I bought around a year ago and I think that it is a good
little kite.  The quality of the workmanship on the kite is
excellent, plus it comes with a very informative manual.

In terms of flying qualities, I think that it will be more
exciting than your spinoff.  It has an easy method of adjusting
the flight characteristics between mild and radical, as well as
a straightforward wind range adjustment (just slide the knot.)
In it's mild setting it is a good trainer, with a large turn
radius, but it does move through the sky quickly.  In it's
radical setting it will do tight turns and all of the radical
stunts that you have heard mentioned here.  THe axles will
be very easy to perform, the Ion does those real fast, too.

This not a precision kite in either setting, nor
does it have great edge handling abilities.  Because of the
cambered leading edge, it will do ground rolls really well,
but tip drags are a little tough (likes to roll over).

Overall I like my Ion but it is not my first choice to fly.
I usually pull it out when I am introducing a beginner to flying
due to it's ability to take the hard knocks (fiberglass l.e.)

I prefer my El Nino when I want to fly a 3/4 size kite.  Those are
the + and -.  Hope it helps.