DJ Sports Kites - Unsolicited testimony ( and fax number )

DJ Sports Kites - Unsolicited testimony ( and fax number )

Post by Jason Benedi » Wed, 09 Mar 1994 04:54:18

     In answer to a question posted, the FAX number for DJ Sport Kites
is the same as his phone number.  (717)246-1214

     It's real nice to see people from "out of town" ordering from Dodd.  In
fact, I'd like to take this opportunity to type up an unsolicited plug for his
new video which I highly recommend to everyone.

     DJ Sport Kites has always been there for the casual flier, the novice
competitor as well as the Masters. Dodd is a real rare individual.  Aside from
his obvious competitive talent, Dodd is an accomplished instructor.

     Dodd's new Flight School video tape is now on sale all across the
country.  The Flight School Video includes an introduction to Roller Kiting,
Buggying, and Indoor flying in addition to dual-line flying tips, tricks and

      For those of you who read some of these posts, regarding buggying,
axle's and coin tosses,  and have no idea about what we're talking about,
or for those of you who are interested in Dodd's real hair color, actual
height, or Pennsylvania drawl, should call and order this video.

     Of course you can pick it up from DJ Sport Kites ( 1-800-296-KITE ),
but other kite dealers have taken it on also.  If you've already seen these
tricks, or have been flying for some time, now is the chance to improve your
skills.  If you're new to the competition circuit, this tape will give you the
edge you need.  If your a casual weekend flier, you'll have some new stuff
to show your friends.  And if nothing else, you'll might get to see some really
cool flying demos.

     I even have inside information, that Dodd will be releasing a new video
very soon that will be entitled, "Intro to Competition".  This video will be an
accompaniment to his Eastern League seminars he gives throughout the year.  A
competition readiness video covering all aspects of competitive dual line,
controllable sports kites. Preparing for competition, how the judges score,
what they look for, how to practice what to do when competing and other little
tidbits of information pertaining to competition flying.

     Luckily, I have had the experience of having Dodd teach me in
person.  If you ever get the chance, go see him.  Go up and speak to him at a
competition.  Call him and ask him what he thinks about a new maneuver. Ask him
what time it is.  Doesn't matter. Whatever you want.  Tell him that Jason
from Brooklyn told you to bother him and ask for his catalog.  Can't go wrong,
it's free, and you can't have too many kite catalogs.