Did I buy a good kite or did I blow it???

Did I buy a good kite or did I blow it???

Post by Bill Roger » Tue, 04 Aug 1998 04:00:00

Hi Jeb,

You bought a decent kite. It is pretty easy to fly, tracks pretty well
and tricks halfway decent. The workmanship isn't as great as I've seen
some other kites, but it is pretty good. You will be able to learn to
fly very well with this kite. I think they steered you in a pretty good

See ya,
Bill Rogers
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> Hi,

> I know very little about twin line stunt kites, but I have always
> wanted one.  This weekend I was in a shop with a good selection, but
> the person who could advise be on which kite to get was gone...

> I looked them over and read the specs.  Based on the description and
> the construction I bought a Premier T & T.  I have flown it once and
> it sure seems fun.

> Is premier a good company?  Did I do well or make a big mistake????

> Doug