1993 East London Kite Festival announcement

1993 East London Kite Festival announcement

Post by John Nico » Sat, 27 Feb 1993 01:55:44

PRESS RELEASE (sort of - posted with the approval of
The organiser - Jeremy Boyce of `High as a Kite', London)

1993 EAST LONDON KITE FESTIVAL incorporating

Relatively few people would associate the ancient art of kite flying
with mass, popular appeal. But ask anyone who has attended the
annual Bristol Kite Festival and they'll you about the
50,000+ crowds that turn up each day for the event, come rain or
shine, wind or no wind. Those lucky enough to have been there
still go dewey-eyed and weak-kneed at the memory of the 125,000
attending last seasons European season opener at Le Touquet
(never mind the 2,000+ kites flying at the time). These are the
kind of events that are truly laying to rest the image of kite-
flier-as-train-spotter and establishing kite flying as one of the
most popular and easily accessible leisure activities of the 90's.

The 1993 UK Kite Festival calendar is nearly complete and,
lurking in between the more established dates at Blackheath and
Bristol, Washington and Old Worden, is an entirely new event, one
that will bring some much needed positive attention to that most
maligned and un-glamorous of London boroughs. On June 19th/20th
HACKNEY will play host to the first annual EAST LONDON KITE
FESTIVAL. Using the huge open space of HACKNEY MARSHES, the
organisers plan to fill the vast empty skies of east London with
a huge splash of colour over two days of festival. At its centre
and to give the weekend some extra interest, it will incorporate
the third, deciding round of the BRITISH NATIONAL TEAM SPORT KITE
CHANPIONSHIP 1993. Team flying is one of the most spectacularly
inovative of all new sports visually and the winners at Hackney
will go on to represent Britain at the 1993 WORLD CUP in Berkeley,
California. Hackney's TEAM AIR KRAFT is expected to be "in the

This will be a truly national event and we expect to be
entertaining crowds of up to 20,000 people from all over the
country over the two days with the following:

* Single line kite arena featuring giant kites and wind-socks
* Competition arena featuring the '93 National Championships
  as well as team display routines
* Power kite area        * Massive public flying area
* Trade Stalls           * Refreshments stalls
* Workshops              * Juggling

The 1993 EAST LONDON KITE FESTIVAL will be the FIRST of its kind
in east London and the BIGGEST outdoor event in east London this

        john nicoll (ex-Hackney resident!)


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