Advice for buying a new kite

Advice for buying a new kite

Post by Pieter Claerhou » Tue, 17 Apr 2001 18:18:21

Hello all,

I've started kiting a while ago (for about a good month), and I'm now
looking for buying a new kite. I'm thinking about one of the following

- FlexiFoil Blade 3.3
- Quadrifoil Competition XM
- Jojo RM 3000
- Libre Bora 3.8

Which one would you advise, knowing that I'm most into power kiting and



Advice for buying a new kite

Post by Dave » Tue, 17 Apr 2001 18:48:16

Pieter -

    My recommendation is the JOJO RM. Not just because we sell them ,but
because we've flown all those kites and find the JOJO to be the best. Wish
you had posted sooner as we just sold our demo Blade 3.3. The Boras are nice
kites but not as well constructed as the RM's ( single stitching ). You'll
find the RM's a little weird at first ( they are kind like a REV, have to
apply a little brake to get the power ) but once you master the kite, you'll
never go back. The RM's will continue to develop power and get you going
faster and faster unlike the Blade and others that have a " top-end ". The
RM's  edge control is superb. You can go up-wind so tight, it'll blow your

    Shoot us an E-Mail and we'll make you a good price ... we DO NOT charge
shipping ( a nice bonus ).


Whatever wind you're into ... The Kite Closet has your tool.