Kite reviews for this newsgroup

Kite reviews for this newsgroup

Post by Steve Thom » Thu, 17 Sep 1992 02:55:10

I noticed that a few people are giving out reviews about kites they've
recently flown.

I was thinking about sharing some of my knowledge with people here in netland,
but I've flown so many different kites (I work at a big Kite Store, I travel
the circuit, etc.), that I couldn't even begin to talk about even a small
part of them.

So...  If anybody has a question about a specific kite, chances are that
I've flown it--and I can tell you approximately what to expect from the
kite (keeping in mind that fliers are different, etc.).

(I figure this forum is small enough that I won't get swamped with mail..)

Oh, sure: I expect that people are going to try to come up with obscure
kites made by obscure manufacturers that nobody's heard of...  Well, whenever
I go to competitions, I hardly ever see anything in the air I have not flown:
and when I do, I always make an effort to go fly it...  Try me :-)...

Steve Thomas


Kite reviews for this newsgroup

Post by Kevin Camer » Thu, 17 Sep 1992 10:01:42

What's a Hawain Chevron like ?

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Kite reviews for this newsgroup

Post by Steve Thom » Thu, 17 Sep 1992 13:15:31


>What's a Hawain Chevron like ?


Right now, I'd say your average Hawiian Chevron is probably not a very
pleasent place to be.  I mean, good gas and all, but probably not a good
place to just hang out.  You'd probably be better off at a Shell station
or a 76... :-)

Now seriously, the Team Hawiian, by Top of the Line was the original kite
that came out by TOTL and is largely "what started it all" in high-performance
sport kites.  Particularly team flying.

While the Team Kite is still a great kite for team flying--at least at the
novice level--it is certainly an old design, and has since been surplanted
by TOTL's North Shore Radical.

Flying Impressions: The team kite is really, really sssssslllllooooowwww.
It does not spin very tight (further out than the wing-tip), it tracks real
straight, and corners very precisely.  Light wind performance is less than
optimal.  It lacks many capabilities that many more modern designs have.

Note that I expected that people would mail me rather than RE this post...
This way, however, other people are free to add other comments to my
evaluation.  Perhaps the subject line should have read: "Has anybody

Steve Thomas


Kite reviews for this newsgroup

Post by Simo Salan » Fri, 18 Sep 1992 01:41:31

>What's a Hawain Chevron like ?

Nice :-)