Fighter Kite Events at 1999 AKA Convention (2nd post)

Fighter Kite Events at 1999 AKA Convention (2nd post)

Post by gina.hsi.. » Sat, 03 Jul 1999 04:00:00

Now is a great time to begin thinking about attending the AKA National
Convention and participating in all of the Single Line Sport-Fighter
Kite Events!

I have posted the schedule for the Fighter Kite Classes and Events (now
being called "Single Line Sport-Fighter Kite) which will be held during
the 1999 AKA Convention in Muncie, Indiana, Oct. 4-9, 1999.

There is also a Form available online to allow you to "pre-Register" for
the Fighter events. This will provide the SLS-Fighter Kite Committee
with the information needed to plan the activities and making
the program more enjoyable for you.

Please Remember that if you are going to the convention you will have to
register with the AKA in the normal way, including signing up for the
classes, paying the fees, etc.


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