Really BIG AKA Grand National and All American

Really BIG AKA Grand National and All American

Post by AKA Grand National » Thu, 26 Sep 1996 04:00:00

This years AKA Convention will host the American Kite Circuit's All American
events as well as the AKA Grand National Sport Kite Competition.  As in
years past, this is an invitational event.

At this point in time all competitors have been contacted and RSVP'd.  To my
knowledge this will be the biggest sport kite competition the US has seen
(at least in the last 5 years)!  Currently we have 235 individual, pairs,
teams, and pair/team members competing.  Three fields in continuous use from
9:30am till 5:30pm on both Wednesday and Friday.  

If you have not already been contacted by either me or my wife (Susan
Skinner) to judge, field direct, pit boss, run scores, field prep, etc AND

need help first thing (9:00am) Wednesday morning.

See ya at Santa Monica!

Darrin & Susan Skinner                          (408) 733-5483
AKA Convention Sport Kite Competition Coordinators