Indestructible Kites - Sport That Is

Indestructible Kites - Sport That Is

Post by CSEPLO,STEPHEN » Wed, 13 May 1992 07:38:27

Indestructible? "Cheap?" By a Skynasaur. I've had one for years and altough
I've moved on, I took it out to fly it recently (reviewed it for the KiteLines
Sport Kite survey) and it still is in just about perfect shape. Way back
when I use to land it by doing a nose down landing and many times I came
down from way up into the beach just for the hell of it. Got alot of
sand into the nose, but never did break it. Hope they've kept the
quality up. My sail is some type of heavy printed dacron. It has frayed a
bit, but then again it's been flown in 30+ mph winds.

While I'm at it, anybody out there have any recommendations for bridle
line lenghts for training together 4' high rokkaku's? So far I've tried
8' and 12', in that order, and I think I'm going the wrong dirrection. I
looked up Badden Powell's writings and didn't find anything about
lenghts, just methods. Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks group!


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