Revised "Kite Safety Field Card"

Revised "Kite Safety Field Card"

Post by Con Engel » Thu, 14 Dec 2000 17:03:23

Hi all!

Just to let you know, with suggestions from some of you, I have revised
the "Kite Safety Field Card", to reflect some minor changes suggested.

No, I did not change the line about power lines & carbon rods. And I
still left the bit about wearing gloves. But I did add a few lines to
help clarify some things.

I think it is as close as it is going to get to the most comprehensive
list of safety rules, without getting into a book of rules.

With more kiting mishaps happening this year, I feel that it was time to
remind ourselves of the safety factor, AND to help educate the general
public that comes in contact with kiting.

This is my answer to help keep everyone informed about kite safety.

Check it out again...

Good Winds & Great Flying!

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