Buying a new kite (or two) - Advice?

Buying a new kite (or two) - Advice?

Post by Phillip Faye » Sat, 28 Sep 2002 00:04:49

I'm looking at getting a new kite or two and I need a little advice.

Currently I've got a Beetle and a Paradox and I'm looking to add another
kite to the bag.  To further test your powers of recommendation my wife
is also looking for a kite as well.  Now, it would be nice to get a
matching pair so that we can try some synchronised flying - but the question
is, what to get?

We've been looking at the Alpha+, M-80 and Dynamite BUT my wife has
flown the Paradox a few times and finds that when the wind gets up a
bit (12+) it pulls too much.  Not drag you along the ground pull but
pull which means you she's concentrating too much on keeping it in
the air and not enough on doing fun stuff.

So, of the 3 above does anyone have any idea of the difference in pull
between them and a Paradox?

Is the M-80 capable of the same range of tricks as the Dynamite?

Does the fact that the M-80 and Dynamite don't have active/dynamic
bridles make a difference to their trick capability?

And many other such questions...

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