I can fly I can fly I can fly (say in a peterpannish voice)

I can fly I can fly I can fly (say in a peterpannish voice)

Post by Drac » Thu, 22 May 1997 04:00:00

Or maybe it was Wendy who said that.  Anyways, I finally got it up!

I want to thank everyone who answered my post about my impotence, all of
your advice helped alot.  My first problem was that my strings weren't
attached properly.  Also, my bridal (is that what they call of the string
that is attached to a kite before you put the flying strings on it?) wasn't
balanced properly.  When I held the kite up by the bits that the string
attaches to, the nose of the kite pointed to the ground.  My buddy told me
that this was a no-no, and even showed me how to fix it.  Also, I have 80'
of 80# plastic cord.  I paid $15 for the cord, and while it came when the
kite came, I don't think it actually came "with" the kite.  Is that any way
to guage if it's junk or not?  Also, I was so happy it (the kite) was
flying, that I had to change my shorts, but now, my string is only 80'
long.  Can you fly it any higher than this?  And if so, is it a good or bad
idea?  And on a finishing note, seems to me that once something starts
falling, it should pick up speed.  This isn't always the case for some
reason.  How can I make the kite go faster when it is careening towards the
ground?  If it's going too slow, I find it more difficult to turn upwards
effectively.  Thanks again to anyone who can help here :)

Until after the next windy day,