Museum Seeking Kite Flyers in Colorado USA

Museum Seeking Kite Flyers in Colorado USA

Post by generalripper_1.. » Sat, 30 Jul 2005 04:06:58

I am the Aerospace Education Officer for the Pueblo Weisbrod Aircraft
Museum in Pueblo, Colorado USA. I am trying to find kite flyers in the
area for a possible program of building and flying kites at the museum.
My contact information is:

Pueblo Weisbrod Aircraft Museum
ATTN. Jason Unwin
31001 Magnuson Ave.
Pueblo, CO
(719) 948-9219 Museum Phone

We are also hosting a celebration of flight at the museum  on 10
December 2005 and I would like to include kite enthusiasts in the

Feel free to share this message with anyone you think might be able to

Thank you in advance for any help you might be able to provide.

Jason Unwin
Aerospace Education Officer
Pueblo Weisbrod Aircraft Museum
Pueblo, CO USA


Museum Seeking Kite Flyers in Colorado USA

Post by AKA Harold Am » Sat, 30 Jul 2005 21:33:13


I live in ***ia so I cant help you personally, but have you
contacted Scott Skinner?  IIRC he lives in Monument CO and used to be a
flight instructor at the AF Acmedy.

He also builds and fly's kites!!!!!

Also there is a kite club in Denver

And there is the American Kiteflyers Association that may provide some
contact information....

And there is Into The Wind Kites in Boulder

All of the above MAY be able to help you out....

Harold Ames
AKA KiteSquid


Museum Seeking Kite Flyers in Colorado USA

Post by kiteda.. » Mon, 01 Aug 2005 00:02:24

Hello Jason

My name is Donald Nash I am a member of the Foothills Kite Club. And
also do kite building workshops. I live in Denver Co. I know that the
club would like to hear more about your event.
My home phone is (303)-205-9020
Or Email my at addy above.

Good Winds
Donald W. Nash