High Wind Kites

High Wind Kites

Post by Jason Benedi » Fri, 09 Sep 1994 23:48:29

>Since I set you up for that shameless ;-) Airmaster plug, Jason,
>maybe you could tell me how the vented Airmaster compares with the
>vented Ultra. I figure you've flown both, but correct me if I'm
>wrong. I kinda wish I had used the vented Ultra in the Mystery Pairs,
>just to get a feel for it. Alice liked it.

>                           Mark V

        Shameless ??!?  Who ME ??  < looking around >

Hmm..  Compare the VAM to the Vented Ultra...  That's not fair..  Dorrie and
Lance read this thing too...  

        Actually, I like the Vented Ultra a lot.  I personally think the VAM
has a tendency to hold the edge a little better than the Ultra, but although
I have a lot of fly time on both kites, I am not really able to make a true
        The things I can just brielfy discuss is the major differences that
I feel when flying.  Some Ultra fliers may have more to say.
        The VAM has about the same pull in high winds as the single vented
Ultra.  The double vented Ultras exhibit almost no discernable pull.  In a 18
mile per hour situation, the double vented Ultra was equivalent of flying
a stock tracer in 5 mile/hour ( in my estimation ).  What is prefferable ?
I don't know.  I like to feel a little more pull.  Always have.  The AMs
in general, ahve a tighter feel on the end of the line, vented or not.
        The Utlra's tend to have more oversteer, and lend themselves towards
ballet type flying.  This is not to say that the kite does not perform well
as a precision kite when tuned properly and in the hands of a good flyer.
Lance and Jeff rivers ahve been doing fabulously with them in IIP and EIP
        Which one ?  I think the AM is probably more precise in high wind
situatuions. ( I think that's where this thread started ).  

                Aw geez...  I guess I made no sense...  AARRGGHH!!!

See you all at Sandy hook...  If you don't catch me on the field, see
me at the sound tent..



High Wind Kites

Post by uspeh.. » Sat, 10 Sep 1994 02:48:23

----------------------- Mail item text follows ---------------

When we last left Jason Benedict, he was attempting to compare the
vented AirMaster with the vented Ultra. Was Jason almost tongue tied?
8-) Stay tuned at Sandy Hook to see if his tongue is working again.

                                     Sorry Jason ;-)

                                     Mark V


High Wind Kites

Post by Thom Shanke » Sat, 10 Sep 1994 13:46:32


>8-) Stay tuned at Sandy Hook to see if his tongue is working again.

First, my appologies to rec.kites in general for posting a "personal"
message, but I know (all too well) that Mark reads rec.kites *before*
he even thinks of reading his e-mail.....soooooo

Hi Mark! I guess the above posting means we'll be seeing you and Alice
at Sandy Hook (you too Jason).  Boy, that just saved me an even *longer*
distance call than this posting! ;-)

Oh, yea, Terri says "Hi y'all, do I owe you a roll of film?"