Kite Field Class Observed

Kite Field Class Observed

Post by Dave Dougla » Sat, 14 Apr 2001 07:42:26

Howdy All-

I was flying today out at the local kite field and just about when I was
needing to leave a group of about 15 sixth graders(?), a teacher and some
parents showed up and each kid had a homemade single line kite (all of
which were good looking fabric construction, etc and no two alike) and
they all had clipboards. Before they were allowed to fly, the teacher
explained to them about sail mass, total kite weight and some mathematical
formula for determining efficiency. She had them writing this stuff down
too. She said she had extra string, tape, super glue, sticks and so on and
started letting one student at a time fly their kite. I had a strong urge
to stick around and watch and maybe help out in some way but had to leave.
My kite hat's off to that teacher for a classy field trip and I'll bet
there will be some kite enthusiasts to emerge from that class. My
Tricktail antics didn't go unnoticed by some of the kids before I packe
up. I'll wager that some of them will hot-foot it down to the local hobby
shop or kite store and look into getting a stunt kite. This was a MUCH
better experience than the last class I saw out there. They were a couple
of years younger and twice as many and the teacher didn't teach them shit,
including not to get under flyilng stunt kites. I politely exptained the
danger of the kite and the lines to her and all I got back was a totally
irresponsible and reckless attitude about it being a public park and I
should move if I didn't like it, etc. All of this right in front of her
class. She taught them some really bad stuff that day. Us stunt kiters
just packed up and left. If that was the yin, today was the yang. What a
pleasure it was watching these kiddos and their fine teacher out there