SkyShark rods...

SkyShark rods...

Post by Marty Sasa » Wed, 09 Mar 1994 06:57:01

I finally dug out some charts about SkyShark fames and how the compare
to other shafts. Please note that this chart was made by reading off
of a graph, so I have probably made small errors.

The weight is in grams and is for a 32.5 inch long tube. For the
metrically impaired, 28 grams is about an ounce.

The deflection is in inches. The smaller the deflection, the stiffer
the rod.

                weight  deflection
SkyShark VIIP   21      .2
Rev4            27      .22
Skyshark VP     13.7    .36
Rev 3           18      .33
SkyShark IIIP   11.4    .45
Rev2            13.2    .45

If you want to compare againast other spar materials, dig out Simo's
test results.

To me, the results are pretty clear, a IIIP is as stiff as a Rev 2,
but lighter. The VP is slightly more flexible than the Rev 3 but over
4 grams lighter. The VIIP is lighter and stiffer than the Rev 4.

The IIIP stands up to abuse much better than the Rev2

I don't have current price lists, so can't give exact figures, but the
SkySharks are cheaper too.

SkyShark also makes an 8 gram rod, but they consider it very
specialized. It's pretty fragile, but is stiffer than the Rev 1.5.

Disclaimer: Health Sports Technology Group sponsors my team, Storm
Front, and Sasaki Kite Fabrications uses SkyShark rods in some of it's
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