Kite Poem for Angel

Kite Poem for Angel

Post by M Christopher More » Thu, 15 Aug 1996 04:00:00

Subject: Just to Make you smile

When was it that you first introduced me to the sky?
I don't quite recall the date but I recall the sensation
You taught me to fly
Strings held taught, back to the wind, sun high over-head
I held my breath when the sail first caught wind
I held it again when I made my first unexpected turn
I sucked in air like I would never breath again when that precious
        half-diamond headed straight toward the ground

You held my hands and tugged gently back and forth creating a dance
A dance between us and that amazing mix of parts
Nylon and fiberglass, plastic and thread
Tied to me by but a few feet of thread
Held distant by the power of the wind

And what power it held
Soaring, swirling, sweeping power
The energy to spin like a top
The drive to swirl and trace figure eights against the blue

And then there was tragedy
But you smiled and insisted that I try again
There would be many crashes and you taught me to learn from them
Not to be afraid of them
To push myself and my kite to the edge of the wind
With respect, but without fear

And to the edge we would go
Till the tips fell like leaves on a gentle autumn day
Till the lines were loose in my hands
And then a sincere pull, a few steps, and across the field we would continue

Dips and stops, landings and takeoffs, you were there for them all
But then there was time to fly alone
Time to practice my teacher's instructions
Time to remember your words
Time to honour your patience
        looking to the ground for another lengthening shadow
Time to imagine your kite there beside mine
Leading, then following, then dancing together
And missing the company for another pair of lines reaching across the grass
How can I repay such memories, such a gift?
With wing tips on the ocean spray
With squares cut out against the mountains
With figures danced to soft sweet music
        for you...

Oh, stringless wonder that dances on the fair and unpredictable breeze
you gave me so much to consider and all I can offer in return is a thank you

And a promise to keep flying...

For you dearest Angel...

I will


          /\  /\   M Christopher Moreno

/\/\    /        \ Between the waves and the mountains...


Kite Poem for Angel

Post by Leon Woestenbe » Thu, 15 Aug 1996 04:00:00

: Subject: Just to Make you smile

Applause! Oh yes, it made me smile :-)

: --

:           /\  /\   M Christopher Moreno

: /\/\    /        \ Between the waves and the mountains...



Kite Poem for Angel

Post by shasho » Thu, 15 Aug 1996 04:00:00


>Subject: Just to Make you smile

Thank You for sharing!

Share more, share often.....please.



Kite Poem for Angel

Post by ahclem0.. » Sun, 08 Dec 1996 04:00:00

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Due to the many extra events in progress to celebrate the 25th Anniversary
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They were down to the last minute ( as usual ) in getting started so on
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